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Medication administration

Sarah Medication

Sarah's medication system is integrated with pharmacy and makes communication between facility, GP and pharmacy seamless. Medication is synchronised with pharmacy to allow administration rounds to be generated. During medication rounds, medication is clearly displayed to a user, who can see the resident's picture, the drug, route, instructions and can sign off once completed. There is integration with the clinical system allowing PRN medication to automate a progress notes, which in turn triggers a follow up alert so that the effectiveness can be evaluated later. Any incidents, errors, refusals can automatically trigger a clinical incident, which can then be used to generate reports and statistics at a later time.

Sarah's in built tools allow the doctor to communicate directly with the Pharmacy to cease and alter medication. Once changes are made, a signing chart is generated for the Doctor to sign, and this then becomes part of the paper based med chart. Accreditation standards are adhered to while making less paper work and leaving an audit trail.
Nurse initiated medication and Phone orders are also taken in to consideration, and GP is alerted for medication reviews due. If you would like to know more, please give us a call so we can answer any of your questions.

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Reduce Error

  • Medication chart
  • GP Signing
  • Individual signing
  • Phone orders
  • Medication changes
  • GP Mediation Reviews
  • PRN->Follow up
  • Nurse initiated meds
  • Variable dose functions
  • Errors easily reported