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An affordable complete system for your facility

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Sarah Residential is a proven clinical system. Sarah is user friendly and learnt quickly by users. Sarah's experience and reliability will give you the tools you need to make documentation problems a thing of the past. We can assist with setup and work closely with users in order to deliver the system they want. With hundreds of accreditation visits and spot checks under its belt, Sarah is a robust, reliable and affordable system. Put the hours spent documenting back in to where it's needed.

Let us to help you now. Sarah is full of features and many processes are automated. Often a single entry will cascade to the areas it is needed, alert the appropriate staff and even document on a chart or progress note while its at it.

Features include

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Administration data

Sarah is administration's Saviour. Record all details, store documents through admission and the entirety of residents stay. Maintain checklists, account for personal spending money, documents, anniversary and other special dates, Dr visits, photos, activities, vaccinations, consent and privacy, RAD & DAP and leave. Sarah is fairly intuitive. For example, when a resident is admitted to the facility an email can be automated to pharmacy, GP and even hospitals letting them know of the arrival. Tools within Sarah will allow you to send emails or SMS's en masse to all the family members when you need to notify them of an event. The click of a button will generate a checklist, fire evacuation list, or list of residents of certain type, religion or even if you just want a list of the wheelchairs, walkers or birthday list, labels, folder spines, transfer forms, the list goes on. There is much more to Sarah and we are happy to demonstrate for you, please enquire today.
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Clinical Care

Sarah has comprehensive clinical care management. Items include:
  • Progress notes
  • Care plan
  • Assessments
  • Observations
  • Incident tracking
  • Treatments and wound assessment
  • Care Reviews
  • GP and Allied health visits
  • Infection registers
  • Mobility, Aids, Hearing aids, battery change information
  • Behavior charts, sleep charts, continence charts, pain charts, Repositioning charts, fluid and food charts
  • Monitoring
  • Restraint evaluations
  • Oxygen, enteral feeding
  • Pad usage and ordering
  • Documents
  • Resident of the day tasks
  • Daily Care needs (multi list)
  • Referrals
  • Day Book
  • Hand over's
  • Exception Reports
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    Answer pack, calculator and funding system make scoring ACFI simple. Correlation between assessments and charts will complete many of the sections for you. Never be downgraded as Sarah will identify where your documentation is not matching your answer. Online claiming ready, send you ACFI to medicare minutes after completion.
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    An Alert system like no other. Sarah will alert staff to such items as
  • Care Reviews
  • Vaccinations
  • Appointments
  • Birthdays
  • Petty cash
  • Restraint Reviews and monitored Restraints
  • Daily Care needs of residents
  • Treatments
  • Follow ups required
  • Diet Changes
  • Observations out of range
  • Expiring medicare or pension cards
  • Continence charts overdue
  • BNO's
  • Potential gastro outbreaks
  • Assessments or charts due
  • Correspondence from GPs
  • ACFI due
  • Resident of the day
  • Hearing aid battery changes
  • Fluid restrictions exceeded
  • Obs due to be done
  • Activities to be conducted and who is attending
  • Medication changes, medication reviews due
  • and more
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    A complete set of assessments cover all residential care need. Designed to work in correlation with ACFI, the assessment package will cover all care related needs. From assessments the care plan is born. No longer will your staff be spending hours on care plans. Let Sarah do some of the work for you.
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    Care plans

    Customize care plan categories to suite, then let the assessments do their thing. Care planning time will be significantly reduced or even eliminated.
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    Med charts

    Using the medication system in conjunction with Sarah will allow medications charts to be viewed, printed and signed off.
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    Every section of Sarah has customisable security. You decide who can see what data, who can add, and who can delete. Custom groups can be set up once you have established protocols so that EN's can see what you want EN's to see. Individual changes can be tailored for specific staff.
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    Diversional Therapy

    Act ivies are recorded via Sarah. These are easily produced for family or friends. Design a schedule of activities which is then alerted to the RAO officer who can then record attendances and populate activity history's. Easily collate information for reports or charts to assess activities. Record resident history, electoral role details, cultural needs and more.
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    Waiting Lists

    Keep track of potential clients. Gather stats, archive old records and use Sarah's waiting list to help plan your occupancies.

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    Our Aim

    To build and maintain a satisfied customer base through superior quality service with fair dealings based on trust and respect.