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Chemical Register

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Maintain your own chemical register and risk assessments using Sarah chemical register. Chemicals are located to departments or locations and a list of chemicals at each location is easily created. You can create your own mini safety data sheets, or link directly to manufacturer SDS. Alerts are given when SDS expiry date is due, Also if a chemical is deemed hazardous, you will be alerted if no risk assessment is associated. With a direct link to suppliers, alerts are given if agreements expire. You can also use the system when trialing new chemical to give feedback and assist with the decision to move forward. Risk assessments are easy to do, and the chemicals are easy to locate.

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Take control of your register now

  • Safety Data sheet linking
  • Risk Assessments
  • Expiry Date alerts
  • Location / Department association
  • Review system
  • Contractors
  • Mini SDS Creation