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Maintenance Requests and Scheduled Routine Jobs

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Maintenance tasks and scheduled ongoing maintenance can all be managed using our maintenance module. The module can allocate equipment to locations, schedule routine maintenance, and then in turn trigger job creation. You are in control and can be alerted about upcoming jobs in advance. Jobs can be allocated to certain staff and individual schedules created. Never miss those tag tests, thermostatic mixing valve checks, or wheelchair maintenance. These jobs are easily scheduled and can be signed off on. Staff have access to a logging system which makes the job instantly available. Staff can also check that the job has not already been recorded. Other features include a purchase order system, maintenance calendar, embedded or linked suppliers, alerts for supplier agreements, contracts expiring and maintenance due. A complete reporting system allows you to gather statistics and view technician, wing, room and facility history. Costing's and parts can also be accounted for. When it comes to equipment, all jobs and costs associated with each item is accounted for.

Sarah will take care of the management of the job. If only we could now convince her to do the job as well.

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Maintenance without problems

  • Statistics a click away
  • Alerted to job requests
  • Plan scheduled maintenance
  • Receive new jobs via email
  • Technician / Maintenance crew management
  • Asset register
  • Purchase orders
  • Contractor alerts - police checks, expiring contracts etc