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Sarah Software Home Care is a system designed in collaboration with providers to ensure ease of use with both the tech savvy and those less confident. The system consists of a base management module as well as a portal which is accessed by field workers in order to complete tasks.

Planning tasks for clients and staff while constantly tracking budgets can be time consuming and complicated. Let us take some of the burden away with our home care module.

Features include

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Live budget planning

You budget is clearly displayed to you. When a task is assigned that will break the budget you are instantly alerted.
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Daily Transaction recording

Transactions are recorded on a daily basis. Jobs completed yesterday are automatically recorded, penalties and public holidays are automated. Daily income is automated while considering reductions and income tested fees. All this gives you the ability to see at a balance at a glance.
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Budget forecast

As things do not always go 'as planned' a budget forecast is available that will generate all transactions for the next year, including those unplanned items, public holidays and canceled tasks in order to generate an exact budget plan.
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SMS and Email notifications

Staff are alerted to changes in tasks, or rescheduled tasks via SMS and email
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Web portal for carers

Carers can access the web portal while in the field to complete jobs, write progress notes, view care plans or view reports. We can capture time taken, km's traveled as well as time between clients. All this information is automatically updated back at base.
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Generate tasks on the run

If a tasks needs to be done which is not already planned. Simply create the tasks and the staff will be emailed instantly.
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Client Statements

Generate monthly statements for clients with summary page and details of the services provided.
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Integrated with other modules

Move clients between systems easily. Home Care can link to residential or Independent living modules as well as suppliers.
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Alert System

Build in alerts will let you know if services where not completed, staff did not use the portal, clients are over budget or in debit or services have not been allocated.

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Generate schedules and Timesheets

Generate staff schedules or client schedules. Once services have been completed a staff time sheet can be generated.
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Service Planners

Use a four week planner to schedule services. For those not in a four week rotation a planner is available. Also schedule those one off services and lump sum payments.
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Government Vs Private / Scheduled vs Actual

Transactions are broken in to government funds and private funds so comparisons can be generated. Also compare scheduled times against staff time taken to ensure you are maximizing the services you provide.
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Clinical information

Record care plans, progress notes, incidents, observations and more. Use the assessment tools to evaluate clients and generate care plans.

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Stay on top of your home care

  • Easily plan and track services
  • Manage staff
  • Manage budgets
  • Make communication simple
  • Easy to get started
  • Create statements, schedules and timesheets